Prescription Refill Policy

Medications for acute conditions like strep throat, skin infections, or ear infections cannot be refilled without an office visit to determine if a refill is needed.

To refill a chronic (long-term) medication: (For example asthma, allergy, and eczema medications, and oral contraceptives) Contact your pharmacy to request a refill. If your child has been seen for that condition within the past year we can usually refill that medication, however, some conditions require more frequent follow-ups to determine if a refill is appropriate. If your child has not been seen for the condition being treated within the necessary time frame, we can often refill a temporary supply to prevent running out of medicine if a follow-up appointment is scheduled at the time of the request.

To refill a medication while out of town: Call your pharmacy and ask them to transfer your medication to a pharmacy where you are. If this is not possible, call our office and have a number for a local pharmacy handy. We cannot refill any medications if you are out of the country. Controlled substances cannot be refilled in another state.

To refill a controlled substance like a stimulant medication used for ADHD please see our detailed policy for ADD/ADHD medications. We do not generally prescribe other controlled substances.