Give Your Family the Gift of Health

What’s the gift that keeps on giving all winter? Getting your flu vaccine and COVID Booster!

If you haven’t gotten a Flu Vaccine this fall AND a Bivalent COVID Booster, it’s not too late.

Even if you’ve had flu or COVID this year, you still need both vaccines!

Flu vaccines protect against 4 different types of flu expected to circulate this winter. Everyone 6 months old and up is eligible for a flu vaccine yearly.

If you’ve already had your COVID primary series, pat yourself on the back! However, everyone 6 months of age and up, needs a Bivalent COVID Booster too! Because the COVID virus circulating in our community has mutated, we all need the Bivalent Booster to be well protected.

Call to schedule you’re family’s vaccines. 919-460-0993